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18 March 2011

34. Misadventures continued...

After the Yes to Carrots, I found a trial size of the Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner.  I'd read good things about it, and it was $2.00 - of course I bought it.
I applied it the way I usually apply my leave in... Nickel sized amount - sealed with olive oil.  Two ponytails and a scarf later I found myself unimpressed.  Blah even.  My hair felt a bit drier than usual, and I haven't used it since.  Maybe I'll try it again later as just a rinse out... but until then it'll just sit on the shelf.

And then there was my experience with Shea Moisture and some product mixing that left me utterly devastated.

This is how it began...
After about two months I was out of Yes to Cucumbers.  It was sad.  I was putting water in the bottle and shaking up to evacuate the teensy bit that was left.  It was pathetic.  And it wasn't like I was being lazy or anything - the Target near me never had any, and I was going to this Target once or twice a week.  In a last hurrah effort I thought I'd hit the jackpot and they finally had it in stock. I rushed to pay for it and went home to do my hair only to realize that I'd actually purchased the body wash (those bottles look waaaaay too similar).  I returned the next day to exchange only to realize that the only reason I'd picked up the wrong bottle was they mis-racked the products and didn't actually have the conditioner, just the shampoo and body wash... grrr.
Well I needed a leave in and found myself face to face with "the Shelf."  You know that shelf popping up in all the Targets with the Miss Jessie's, Curlz, Kinky Curly, and Shea Moisture products.
In my mind I'd narrowed it down to Curlz and Shea Moisture 'cause, let's face it - I'm cheap, and I'm totally okay with that.  From there Shea Moisture just seemed more economically friendly, but I'm not too fond of the strength of the smell of the Coconut Hibiscus.  So I thought I was doomed, until I realized the Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner (which I previously thought to be lotion because they have basically the exact same packaging, but I digress).  I read the label that said it could be used as a rinse out or leave-in and thought it sounded like just what I was looking for - short of being Yes to Cucumbers, that is.  So I paid the extra dollar  and went home and went to town.

Day 1.  I co-washed with Tressemme Naturals and detangled my hair, got out of the shower and applied about 2 pumps of the Shea Moisture and sealed with coconut oil (I hadn't really been using the olive oil... smelling like pasta all night was starting to get to me).  I tied my hair up and went to bed.  When I woke up, initailly my hair felt soft, but as the day went on it began to dry out.

Day 2.  Same routine, but I tried mixing it with the Yes to Carrots I had left - still no luck.  I also purchased some grape seed oil (well more like a grape seed oil cocktail) which I used... but, like I said, no difference.

Day 3. I remembered reading that coconut oil also had conditioning properties so I had this brilliant idea to put on the coconut and grape seed oil first and then the Shea Moisture when I considered the amount of Shea Butter in the product.  This went okay.  I was appeased at least until I could get some more YTC.

Fast forward to Spring Break.
Long story short I needed to wash my hair (shea butter builds up) and I decided, idiotically, that I would be okay if I didn't have the Tressemme Naturals.  There was some Cream of Nature at my house - the new one, in the ugly orange bottle [insert straight face here].  That ish jacked my hair up.  I went to the Target at home and bought some YTC and Jane Carter leave-in (which I'll talk about later) and that wasn't enough.  I could not wait to get back to Charleston to clarify and deep condition.  My hair was frizzy, dry and gross no matter how much coconut oil and conditioner I put in it after using that crap.

Luckily upon returning to Charleston I was able to fix it... Ironically I read this article the next day. [Elle's got a GREAT blog, bt-dubbs]  The solutions she posted were pretty much what I did (I guess great minds think alike), but I chose yogurt for my protein treatment.

I hope I'm not going on and on... and if I am, no worries - I'm done, for now. Lol.

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