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15 March 2011

32. The Last 3 Months...

So today I checked my blog views for the first time - apparently more people look at this thing than I thought.
When I saw that I realized the likelihood that someone was gaining something from my blog.  And to that someone - I am sorry.  I have neglected you; please forgive me.
And so, on this day I, me, vow to turn over a new leaf, and will attempt to no longer neglect sharing my thoughts with whoever will listen.

With that said - I will now chronicle the past 3 months (thanks to cell phone timestamps they'll pretty much be in order!)

Beginning with the rest of January:

I blew my hair out... I wanted to try something new.  It ended up being a #fail for the most part, the styling that is... The blow out itself was interesting

after my failed attempted at a flat twist-out on my blow dried hair this became...


Fast forward to the end of December and, while on "Winter Holiday," I decided no more silicones, mineral oil, or other things deemed "junk".  So I woefully gave my half unused, 25 oz. bottle of Hello Hydration to my little sister and purchased some Yes to Cucumbers and Tressemme Naturals (the moisturizing one) at ULTA. [I also got some Physician's Formula Gel Eyeliner.  Two words: SO COOL!]  I already had some VO5 clarifying shampoo back in Charleston and I was okay with that.
Dropping the 'cones and "junk" has actually served me well.  At this point shea and olive oil were still mainstays in my arsenal and I was cool.  Soft and quite fluffy.

I wore this funky little number for a good bit of the break...
I returned to Charleston in early January and came across this video... I didn't so much mind the shrinkiness of my hair... It was more so the fact that the back and sides would shrink up but not the top - so I would basically never wear my hair down - It just looked off to me... That is until I came across this YouTube video.  I tried it a couple different ways and have pretty much settled on two low ponytails instead of full on French braids and a scarf. Resulting in 

So basically I was wetting my hair to varying degrees basically every night.  The routine was clarify when my scalp was itchy.  Use the Tressemme Naturals when I needed to detangle/cowash.  I decided the fairly thin consistency of the YTC lent itself to being more of a moisturizer and I seal with olive oil.

So besides this the only thing that's really changed was after going on a wild goose chase for coconut oil (Walmart was out - can you believe that?!) I haven't replaced my olive oil use - I'd just say I've supplemented it.  Trying to find a balance.

The end of February/beginning of March brought a few other changes:
  • I've pretty much dropped shea butter as far as my hair is concerned unless I want some weight.
  • I've been experimenting with yogurt as a deep treatment (and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to find full fat yogurt in this day and age!)
I've tried a couple other products - nothing has really tickled my fancy to make me change up things.  And I'm happy to say I've only had one real "hair nightmare."  But that's another story for another time - my fingers hurt.  Enjoy these last few pictures.

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  1. Welcome back. Your hair looks fantastic. Congrats on finding things that work for you.