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This is a small piece of myself that I'm now willing to share. Handle with care; contents will break under pressure.

29 July 2010

7. Thoughts...

To be in love.
It is a thing only attainable in my dreams, I think.
In a space somewhere between fantasy and reality.
There is where love waits for me.

There it lies in a place I cannot go.
Life's funny like that.
In a place I cannot reach,
Love waits there beyond touch, taste, thought, or speech.

Beyond you and I.
Love lies in a space left unseen
There is nothing more that I can do
I can no longer chase love and no longer chase you.

And though the words are in my mind
They may never escape my lips.
Because "I love you"
Though said by many is understood by very few

And despite that I do
And I'm in way over my head
And want you and only you
It's simply better left unsaid.

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