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04 December 2010

28. Sir you just hit a nerve...

So last night I was at this house party looking real cute , I might add in my day old twist out with lace head band accessory - lol.  Being the social floater that I am I was saying hey to people and stuff... you know - the usual.  I was saying hey to this guy, and he says to me "So I see you're doing the Erykah Badu thing."

ERRRRRRRR! *Jamie Foxx Voice*

Flag on the Play!

I'm getting annoyed just remembering this ish!

"Excuse me?!"
"You're hair..."
"Erykah Badu had a platinum blond mohawk..."
"I mean I like the natural styles and all...."

So apparently this was supposed to be a compliment.  And that's fine (I guess).  But what I am unable to understand is why 1. I must be attempting to emulate someone since I changed my hair - I've never really been good at that.  and 2. Why does it have to be Erykah Badu [my hair doesn't even look like hers]?!

Don't get me wrong, I love Erykah Badu's music and she is definitely and individual, but she's a bit eccentric for my taste (and by eccentric I mean just a lil crazy).  And that's fine - for her, but I'm gonna pass on that style icon for inspiration.  Not to mention her fro was a wig.

Anywho.... I was just a slightly offended by what it sounded like he was implying and simply responded, "No, this is just my hair."  I can appreciate the compliment for what it was worth, but maybe some people should consider the context of their words before they speak...

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